AccuPulse raises over 10 million US dollars in A round funding

2022-05-22 16:34

Recently, AccuPulse Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (hereafter AccuPulse) raised over 10 million US dollars in Series A round funding, which was led by Shenzhen Qianhai Capital and jointly invested by Shanghai Biomedical Industry Equity Investment Fund and Yuanbio Ventures. StartPoint Advisors acted as the exclusive FA in this transaction.

AccuPulse is an innovation-driven electrophysiology (EP) technology company dedicated to developing a one-stop solution to treat cardiac arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation. In China, the EP market has a huge patient base (~ more than 33 million) and marvelous growth potential (1% penetration rate and more than 25% annual growth rate). Multinational giants with advanced technology, such as Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Medtronic and Boston Scientific, have dominated the Chinese market for a long time and gained about 87% of the share in 2020. In the future, only those players having both the technologies of pulse field ablation (PFA) and advanced 3D cardiac mapping systems with compatible high density mapping catheters will have the chance to break the monopoly. AccuPulse has planned a completed product line including an AI-powered 3D mapping system, diagnostic and PFA catheters, transseptal kit and intracardiac ultrasound catheter to meet the requirements for EP surgery with zero radiation.  

Following the Pre-A round funding of 8 million US dollars in November, 2021, AccuPulse reached new milestones of development despite the Covid-19 pandemic impact in Shanghai: The company opened new R&D centers in both China, and in the US, in the state of Utah, and recruited talented members for a world-class team covering major business functions; its PFA system passed the typing testing and is going to enter into a formal clinical trial; and a 3D mapping system project was initiated and is under design. With all projects having proceeded beyond expectation, AccuPulse’s achievement was recognized by more and more investors. The new funding of over 10 million dollars will finance the clinical trial of PFA system and new-products development. This is a solid step for AccuPulse in its drive to become a future leading electrophysiological platform company.

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