PFA Generator and Catheter

Interventional catheter ablation is the first-line therapeutic method to treat atrial fibrillation (AF). The traditional ablation mostly uses radiofrequency or Cryo energies, which may cause thermal injuries to the surrounding organs or tissues and serious adverse events such as cerebral emboli. AccuPulse developed a noval pulse field ablation(PFA) system including AccuBlator generator and AccuPulse catheter, which can expose the endocardiac cells under the high voltage electrical field, increase the permeability of cell membrane to the ions and large molecules and finally cause the nanometer irreversible electroporation (IRE) and cell death. This revolutionary ablation technology will significantly improve the safety and effectiveness of AF therapy due to the nature characteristics of non-thermal energy and tissue selection.

3D cardiac electroanatomic mapping system

Three-dimensional (3D) cardiac mapping system integrates the complex functions of catheter localization, navigation, intracardiac EGM mapping and 3D modeling. It is used to diagnose the cardiac arrhythmias, locate the sources causing the arrhythmia and guide the catheter ablation for treatment in clinic. Accu-System is under development by AccuPulse’s global R&D team with full rights of intellectural properties. Compared to the major 3D mapping systems on markets, Accu-System can realize the high precision smart magnetic and electrical based localization integration. It will have more intracardiac EGM signal channels and state-of-art noise control. It will have better compatibility and expansibility to more choice of catheters. If using with high-density multi-electrode diagnostic catheters and AccuPulse PFA system, Accu-System will make AF treatment faster, safer, more precise and effective.

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