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  • Clinical Engineer
  • Senior Hardware Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineers

Clinical Engineer


1. Assist the HCP to understand and use the electrophysiological products of Accupulse

2. Support clinical trial studies and help HCP to successfully complete the studies following the clinical trial protocol, collect study data, report the progress of clinical cases to the company in time, and feedback the first-hand clinical information to R&D team.

3. Complete the preliminary collation, summarization and analysis of clinical data, and assist in completing the clinical research report

4. Assist the Director of Medical Affairs and Marketing Head to prepare the relevant technical promotion and training materials.

5. Assist the sales department to carry out the marketing activities and the execution of business development plans

6. Collect and feedback customers' opinions on the products, and make product improvement suggestions.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science, engineering or biomedicine

2. Can accept and adapt to frequent business trips (>30%)

3. Hospital work experience are preferred

Senior Hardware engineer


1. Leading the selection of hardware modules in the technical solution of the product, responsible for component selection, hardware schematics and PCB design in hardware development.

2. Responsible for the writing and collation of BOM output maintenance and other hardware-related documents.

3. Deeply participate in the trial production and testing of product prototypes, and analyze and deal with the problems in trial production and mass production.

4. Output relevant documents in accordance with IEC60601-1/IEC60601-1-2 and ISO13485 and other relevant medical standards and regulations to solve hardware problems related to other departments.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, automation, communications or related majors, more than 5 years of hardware circuit design or PCB wiring design experience.

2. Familiar and solid digital circuit foundation, but also need to have a good analog circuit foundation.

3. At least familiar with EMC design, product reliability design one of them

4. Familiar with x86 industrial modules and have designed touch screens

5. Familiar with common software tools for hardware development, at least master one of the EDA design software in Altium Designer or Cadence, and familiar with conventional hardware debugging tools and instruments

6. Familiarity with electrophysiology and medical imaging is preferred

7. Specific treatment can be discussed

Senior Software Engineers

HOURS:40 hours per week



•Generate data sets for Cardio 3D generation, etc. Develop algorithms for Cardiac mapping system, etc.

•Work with rendering, data, algorithm, testing, etc. person(s)

•Convert source-target mappings to transformation logic/data set logic, develop/assist with integrated testing, defect resolution. preparing test case procedures;

•Prepare test files; coding, compiling, and refine programs.

•Program healthcare applications, including Node, React, REST, WebGL, WEP based API for sending data to Browser.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer/Computational Science or related and 6 years of related experience, or Master’s degree in the same field and 4 years of related experience, or Ph.D. in the same field and 1-year related experience. Must have experience in the field related to cardiac mapping.


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